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Sockets Sex Position

The Sockets sex position looks similar to the Scissors sex position. The reason is simply that it’s a variation of the Scissors, which makes it unlikely most positions listed in our sexual positions guide.

To perform the Sockets with your man, start off by lying on your back on the bed with your legs open and spread out. Then bend your knees and plant your feet on the bed. This will allow you to raise your waist and your lower back off the bed. Next, your man is going to lie on his side at the opposite end of the bed, with his penis closest to your feet and his head furthest away. He then moves down towards you so that he can enter you. If he is lying on his right side, then he is going to slide his right leg under your left leg and put his left leg over your left leg. Then to enter you, he will need to push his penis downwards which can cause a bit of strain and discomfort if his penis is not that flexible.

What The Girl Does In The Sockets Position

You will be a position that you may have never tried before, but after a few minutes, you should get used to it. You are simply going to thrust forwards and backwards onto your man in a sort of rocking motion using your legs. If you are not used to keeping yourself raised off the bed like this, then you may find that it tires you out quickly.

You’ll also need to spread out your arms a good bit to help you balance. Or you can try grabbing hold of one of his legs to help pull yourself in towards him. If you start to get tired of thrusting against your man, then relax and try resting a good part of your weight on his lower leg and grinding on him instead.

The position does cater to your foot fetish if you have one.

What The Guy Does In The Sockets Position

Your man will be in a bit of an awkward situation. As he is on his side, he won’t be able to thrust in and out. Instead, he should grab hold of your leg that’s in front of him and gently pull you in towards him as you are thrusting. If you are both grinding against each other, then he can hold onto your leg quite tightly to increase the friction, which can give you great clitoral stimulation.

Things To Consider When Performing The Sockets Position

Not a whole lot of students of the Bad Girls Bible have performed the Sockets position with their man. Those that have gave some interesting insights on it:

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  • The Sockets can be quite an awkward position to perform with your man as it quite unlike anything besides the Scissors.
  • If you find it tiring keeping your waist held upwards, then try putting a pillow under your back to give you some support.
  • This is not a really intimate position. It’s even difficult to make eye contact during it. Similarly, kissing, spanking and other activities are difficult when you try this pose.

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Sean’s Thoughts On The Sockets Sex Position

The Sockets position certainly looks exotic, but the only difficult thing about performing it is making sure that your man has enough flexibility in his penis to pull it fully downwards. Other than that, it’s really straightforward.

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