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Pump Sex Position

The Pump is a great sex position that is a variation of Doggy Style. As you can probably imagine from a name like Pump, your man will literally be pumping you from behind. Many people love this option from our comprehensive list of the best sex positions.

To get into the Pump position, you need to start by positioning yourself on something like a sofa or chair with your legs slightly bent. Your man will then enter you from behind while also standing. The Pump is perfect for either anal sex or regular vaginal sex with your man. You can then put your arms in front of you onto the wall or you can use your elbows to hold yourself in place and push back against your man.

What The Girl Does In The Pump Position

When in the Pump position, your man is definitely the one in charge, which is perfect if you prefer for your man to take control during sex. However, you can also push back against him if you want deeper and stronger penetration from him. Alternatively, you can spread your arms out and rest your upper body against the wall.

You will find that by angling your body, bending your knees and changing your position, you will eventually find a position that you really enjoy and get a lot of pleasure out of. You can also put your hands behind you to grab onto your man and help to pull him in towards you.

Sometimes your man can get a little carried away when penetrating you in the Pump position. So make sure to let him know if he is. Read our guide to talking about sex to learn how.

What The Guy Does In The Pump Position

Your man has a really easy job in the Pump position. It mostly consists of him just thrusting in and out. But if he is committed to having great sex, then he should constantly be experimenting with how far he pulls you out towards him and his angle of entry so that you both get as much pleasure from the Pump as possible.

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Your man also shouldn’t forget about his hands. He can wrap them around your waist while thrusting into you. Or around your shoulders. If you are into playing dominant and submissive during sex, then he can even put his hand around your throat. But make sure to discuss this with him beforehand.

Things To Consider When Performing The Pump Position

Many people enjoy the Pump position as it’s easy to do and can be very satisfying. They have provided me with some great feedback on it:

  • The Pump is a great position for when you like your man to be in control and a little kinky. More on that here.
  • But at the same time, the pump can feel like Spooning while standing up with your man which feels much more loving and sensual.
  • Your man is in a perfect position to reach around and start rubbing your clit and vulva when in the Pump position.

Similar Positions

Lazy Wheelbarrow

Lazy Wheelbarrow

Combines squatting and sitting in his lap.

Frog Leap

Frog Leap Sex Position

A similar position where you lean down toward the floor.


Sit at the table and lean forward while riding your man.

You can try more standing positions from this list.

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Sean’s Thoughts On The Pump Sex Position

The Pump sex position is great. It’s perfect for everything from slow and romantic sex to much faster, passionate sex with your man.

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