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Bouncing Spoon Sex Position

The Bouncing Spoon sex position is a sort of pseudo-spooning position for you and your man. It’s a fairly simple position to do which makes it great for spicing things up in the bedroom. Try a new position in our ultimate sex positions guide whenever you want to revitalize your sex life. To perform it, your man needs to sit upright in bed with his back to the wall and his legs together and relatively straight (they don’t have to be perfectly straight). You then need to stand right over him with your back to him. Your feet should be on either side...
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The Back Seat Driver Sex Position

The Back Seat Driver sex position is perfect for couples who get bored of only having sex while one or both of them is lying on the bed. Keep things fresh by trying all of the good sex positions from the Bad Girls Bible! When you are having sex in the Back Seat Driver position, your man will be sitting on a the edge of a chair, a sofa or even the bed with his legs spread wide and his feet on the floor. You then need to back up onto your man’s crotch and let him slowly slide his penis...
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How To Perform The Golden Gate 69 Position

How To Perform The Golden Gate 69 Position? The Golden Gate sex position is a 69 position so that both you and your man can perform oral sex on each other at the same time. It’s a very difficult to perform position and not many students have reported it as that pleasurable, so it’s more a novelty sex position than a serious one. You’ll find plenty of satisfying position in our Golden Gate 69 Position sex positions guide with illustrations. To perform the Golden Gate position, your man needs to lie down on the bed on his back. He then needs to...
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Oh Joy Sex Toy – Quad Fucker Sex Machine by Hismith

Aka the Hismith Premium Quad Penetration Sex Machine. This is a delightful four-hole-fucking-machine addition to any household. There’s so much to cover with a fucking machine like this that even when we’re done there are still aspects and angles that I feel like we didn’t get to cover in-depth. The skinny of it? We frigging love this thing, but I have no idea how often we’ll have reason to use it. Maybe something to consider bringing for all the future post-Covid sex parties we’ll be sure to have? 0_o How is it when there are two people attached to it...
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Teaspooning Sex Position

Teaspooning is probably one of the most intimate sex positions that you’ll learn from the Bad Girls Bible. As is evident from the name, Teaspooning is a variation of regular Spooning. To Teaspoon with your man (or perform the Teaspooning position), your guy needs to get onto his knees on either the bed or the floor. He then needs to open his knees fairly wide. You then need to get on your knees also while facing in the same direction as your man in front of him. You should have your knees together so that your man can come up close behind...
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