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Life Raft Sex Position

The Life Raft sex position may initially sound like a novelty sex position for you and your man. But it’s actually quite pleasurable for a ton of reasons. It’s the only position from our sex positions guide that is designed specifically for sex in the water!

To get into the Life Raft position, you are going to need one of those inflatable pool mattresses that you can lie on. Some call these ‘lilos,’ others call them inflatable pool beds. You then need lie on your stomach on the mattress in a pool, with your vagina in the middle of the mattress, while in shallow water. Your man then straddles you, with his feet on the bottom of the pool so that he is not sitting on you, pushing you downwards, but rather standing over you. He then enters you and starts thrusting.

What The Girl Does In The Life Raft Position

When you are in the Life Raft position, you don’t have to do anything. What you’ll be doing is making sure that you are comfortable and that your vagina is always out of the water.


Water (and especially chlorinated water) tends to dry out your vagina and washes away your natural lubrication faster than you can produce it. This means that your vagina will start to become painful because there is too much friction and not enough lubrication. But keeping it out of the water is not easy. You may find that it’s easier to just have some lubricant with you and to use that to keep yourself wet during sex. Learn more about lube.

We’ve got more tips for sex in water here.

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Besides that, just lie there and enjoy the ride!

What The Guy Does In The Life Raft Sex Position

Your man doesn’t have a particularly difficult job either. He just needs to thrust in an out while holding you in position. This means that he needs to hold onto either your waist or shoulders or even your hair.

He also needs to make sure that he doesn’t push you down into the water too much either as this will have your vagina constantly in the water and drying out. So besides thrusting in and out, your man’s main job is making sure that you are comfortable.

Things To Consider When Performing The Life Raft Position

The Life Raft is a fun and slightly ‘out there’ sex position. Even so, not that many people have actually tried it because they don’t have private access to a pool and floating mattress. Those students that have tried sex in a pool in this position have given some interesting feedback.

  • Don’t limit yourself to just lying on your stomach. Try out the Life Raft while in other positions like lying on your back with your legs over the side or on your back with your legs in the air.
  • Make sure you don’t break any laws when performing the Life Raft with your man. Sex outside can be illegal.
  • Try the Life Raft with your man lying down while you straddle him in, in a position similar to Cowgirl.

Similar Positions


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A similar position where your man holds your legs behind you.

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Speed Bump Sex Position

Replace the pool raft and water with an exercise ball on the water

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Life Raft Sex Position

Move to dry land and support yourself with your arms

This is a pretty exotic position, if you’d like to learn more exotic positions, then check out these ones here.

Sean’s Thoughts On The Life Raft Sex Position

I am a big fan of the Life Raft. This is principally because it’s so different to almost every other sex position that you will ever likely engage in with your man as well as the fact that it’s really versatile.

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