You are currently viewing Best Sex Positions For men & Exposed Eagle Sex Position

Best Sex Positions For men & Exposed Eagle Sex Position

Best Sex Positions For men & Exposed Eagle Sex Position

The Exposed Eagle sex position is one of the hardest positions to perform from Bad Girls Bible& Its Best Sex Positions For men. It requires a considerable degree of flexibility and strength. If you don’t have these, then you are both in for a pretty miserable time! There are plenty of different sex positions to bring your pleasure during sex.

The easiest way to get into the Exposed Eagle position is to start off in the Cowgirl position. This means that you need to be on top of your man with your knees on either side of him. You then need to lie backwards until your back is resting on your man’s thighs and knees while you are still on your knees. He can raise his knees if you aren’t flexible enough, so you are more upright. Your man now needs to raise his upper body so that he is in a seated position. He can put his arms behind his back to support himself, or he can put them around your lower back.

What The Girl Does In The Exposed Eagle Position

When you are in the Exposed Eagle, you will obviously be feeling very exposed, but you will also find it hard to actually do much. Your legs will be very immobile, and your back will be arched.

Your hands will be free so you can focus on your clit or even your breasts. This is as much for you as it is for your man. You can also rub his arms or legs.

What The Guy Does In The Exposed Eagle Position

Your man’s first priority is to make sure that you are comfortable and having a good time. If this is your first time trying the Exposed Eagle, then your legs may feel sore and a little ‘squeezed’. So he needs to provide you with enough support to your back – unless you like a little light bondage.

If you find that you can arch your back quite far, then your man will be in the perfect position to lean forward to kiss and suck your breasts, perhaps encouraging nipple orgasm. If your man finds it uncomfortable to lean forward, then he can use his hands to massage and caress them instead.

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Things To Consider When Performing The Exposed Eagle Position

Many students have tried the Exposed Eagle with their partner, but not all have enjoyed it that much. Here is some of the feedback they have given that you should consider before you do it:

  • If you are serious about it, you should try stretching beforehand. You should concentrate on stretching your quads, and your man should focus on stretching his back.
  • To do the Exposed Eagle properly, you are supposed to keep your legs bent. But sex isn’t about rules and regulations! If you are not that flexible, then forget about bending your knees and just straighten them out. This takes most of the pain/stress out of it.
  • This position is great for anal sex too, but like with most positions, I always advise that you try vaginal first, but you never want to go from anal to vaginal sex without washing up or switching condoms first. It’s just not safe.

Similar Positions

Viennese Oyster

Viennese Oyster Sex Position

This one is similar in that you need to be flexible to pull it off comfortably.

Hang Loose

Best Sex Positions For men | Hang Loose Sex Position

Lean over the bed instead of kneeling so far down.

Italian Chandelier

Italian Hanger Sex Position

Your man holds your hips up high, and you lean down toward the bed.

Tug of Love

Tug Of Love Sex Position

Bend your legs and lie away from your man, so you only meet in the center.

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Sean’s Thoughts On The Exposed Eagle Sex Position

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of the Exposed Eagle position. For me, sex is about losing yourself and having fun. I am not that flexible, and so the Exposed Eagle feels more like work to me than fun.

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